The Luxe Edition is created for special occasions and important meetings with friends. This vodka is based on de luxe grain alcohol, the purest especially soft Belarusian water and additional special filtration for each type of beverage.

The guala cap is used to safeguard Syabry. Luxe against forgery and guarantees easy dosed pouring of alcohol. The textured deep color label coupled with the stylish ergonomic bottle emphasizes the premium character and high profile of the drink.


Luxe is a drink of true men: the flagship of the edition with a premium look and noble exquisite taste.


Interesting fact Vodka is lighter than other liquids. It is therefore ideal for making layered cocktails, always staying on top.


Classic — the astonishingly mild taste of vodka in a stylish bottle will delight true friends having a heart-to-heart meeting.


Interesting fact The main difference between vodka and other strong drinks (rum, tequila, etc.) is that it is made by mixing rectified alcohol with water, rather than distilling.


Platinum is a drink, whose every drop is more valuable than the most precious metal.


Interesting fact As against all the other alcoholic beverages, vodka is the purest one. It has the lowest proportion of fusel oils.


Original offers a harmonious full taste of vodka, achieved through additional shungite filtration.


Interesting fact The average energy value of vodka is 235 kcal. However, it would be wrong to compare it with the calories we receive from food. The energy value of a drink has no impact on the weight of a human being.




The edition of vodka that is designed especially for friends who tend to get together for a good reason or for no reason at all, just because they are glad to see each other — because you feel so easy, nice, and comfortable in a good company!

The taste of drinks is varied, bold, and sometimes unprecedented. Therefore, the secrets of the recipes are guarded just as closely as the relationships with those you love.

A very special feature of this edition is shungite filtration, which not only purifies water, but also refines it by adding to it a large number of beneficial micronutrients. As a result of the alterations, the structure of the liquid becomes identical to the intratissual water of the human body. The taste of the beverage, elevated owing to shungite filtration, will charm with its elegance anyone who tries it.




Chistaya (Pure) is a classic grain vodka that will never lose its relevance. Pure as true friendship.


Interesting fact The ideal foods to pair with vodka are pickles, sour cabbage, and boiled or baked potatoes, mushrooms, and herring. It is not advisable to accompany vodka with fat roast meat, spicy foods, grapes, or sweeties.


Hlebnaya (On bread) is a combination of old recipes and state-of-the-art technologies. Mildness bordering on audacity, which are intertwined in the fine bread aroma.


Interesting fact In the old days, owners of taverns — including those in the Belarusian land — would always kiss the cross before they assumed their duties. In so doing, they solemnly swore before their people not to dilute vodka.


Myahkaya (Gentle) is an unusually light and airy drink, its mildness being a result of special multi-stage water purification.


Interesting fact One of the most amazing experiments in the production of vodka was conducted on Newfoundland. To make the beverage they used the water that had been frozen for over 12 thousand years. The manufacturers managed to produce the unique drink by melting icebergs.


Pshenichnaya (Wheat) is a truly Belarusian drink with a natural and rich wheat taste.


Interesting fact The term “vodka” was officially introduced by a decree of Elizabeth I on June 8, 1751. Prior to that, the drink was called "bread wine", "polugar", "samogon", etc. Incidentally, in the 18th century, vodka was considered to be the most elite drink in the world.

Na berezovih pochkah

Syabry. Na berezovih pochkah (Birch buds) is a time-proved drink. Its special taste and amazing flavor of birch buds make this vodka perfect for any season.


Interesting fact Healers believe vodka on birch buds to be an effective cure for colds, fever, and digestive disorders.



Flavored vodka


Cranberry-Lime is a modern version of the traditional cranberry tincture.


Interesting fact Cranberry is an ideal ingredient for flavored spirits. The ripe berry gives vodka a red shade without any additional coloring, so it is widely used in industry. To create this spirit, the best Belarusian berries are used.

Pryanaya klukva

Pryanaya klukva (Spicy cranberry) is a flavored vodka with its rich taste woven from the finest berry aromas.


Interesting fact Cranberry is an ideal ingredient for flavored spirits. The ripe berry gives vodka a red shade without any additional coloring, so it is widely used in industry. To create this spirit, the best Belarusian berries are used.

Domashnyaya s hrenom

Domashnyaya s hrenom (Home-made with horseradish) — the unique recipe has turned the horseradish root into the foundation for a drink with an amazingly rich and bold taste.


Interesting fact Up until the 16th century, vodka was made by pharmacists, who admired its medicinal properties. Doctors claimed that the drink “removed excess fluid, soothed toothache, revitalized the heart, healed colic, paralysis, fever, and other illnesses”.

Medovii perec

Medovii perec (Honey pepper) is a drink that stirs up a kaleidoscope of emotions, impressions, and sensations. The harmony of honey and pepper is a delight.


Interesting fact About 300 years ago, well-off Russian landlords seeking to produce a lasting impression on their guests would place hordes of bottles with vodka varieties on tables alphabetically, such as Anisovaya (Anise), Grushevaya (Pear), Ryabinovaya (Mountain ash), Shchavelevaya (Sorrel), Yablochnaya (Apple)...

Na trave Zubrovka

Zubrovka (sweetgrass) is an indigenous Belarusian product. Charged with the energy of our land, it is imbued with the scents of forests and is rich in the power of herbs.


Interesting fact Sweetgrass is not only a treat for bison (in Russian and Belarusian it is referred to as bison grass). Back in the USSR, the alcoholic beverage industry used more than 500 tons of raw sweetgrass annually as a flavoring and appetizer. It lends drinks a slightly spicy flavor and astringent taste.


Limited editions

Syabry. Salamianaya

Syabry. Salamianaya is an authentic product and an excellent reflecting folk traditions gift from Belarus.


Interesting fact At the time of Ivan the Terrible it was decided to call various medicinal drugs and tinctures as vodka. Such a strong drink was taken exclusively for medicinal purposes. That is why now people drink "for health".

Chistaya. Friendship Wins!

Chistaya. Friendship Wins! is a limited edition, specially created for the 2nd European Games, which Belarus welcomed.


Interesting fact The word “vodka” was first mentioned in Belarusian sources in 1580, and word “gorelka” - in 1538.The word "vodka" is first mentioned in Russian sources in 1533, while the Polish "wodka" - in 1405.

Luxe. Brutal

Luxe. Brutal is a limited edition of vodka created especially for 100% men.


Interesting fact Polar explorers drink vodka in a very special way — they dilute pure alcohol to the ABV identical to the Earth’s parallel, on which the liquid is consumed. Therefore, on the Arctic Circle vodka is 72% ABV, on the North Pole it is as high as 90% ABV. Incidentally, the latitude of Minsk is 55° N.

Luxe. Tankman Day

Luxe. Tankman Day is a limited edition of vodka created especially for Wargaming. The drink of faithful comrades-in-arms.


Interesting fact King Christian IV of Denmark considered vodka to be a health-giving potion. Therefore, the monarch treated all of his illnesses with a licorice variety of the drink. Subsequently, the famed singer-songwriter Bulat Okudzhava perpetuated this affection in his song “Drops of the Danish King”.

Chistaya. Novogodnyaya-2016

Chistaya. Novogodnyaya-2016 (Pure. New Year 2016) is a New Year gift for excellent work, patience, and endurance throughout the 12 months.


Interesting fact The tradition to give vodka as a holiday gift was introduced by Catherine the Great, who sent the drink to Frederick the Great, Gustav III of Sweden, and also to minor Italian and German sovereigns.

Chistaya. Zimnyaya

Chistaya. Zimnyaya (Pure. Winter) was created in 2017 especially for the winter period and New Year, so that parties with friends should always be warm and heartful.


Interesting fact January 31 is celebrated as the birthday of vodka, because it was on that day in 1865 that Dmitry Mendeleev defended his doctoral thesis “On the combination of alcohol with water”.

Chistaya. Football Edition

Chistaya. Football Edition (Pure. Football Edition) is created especially for Football World Cup - 2018.


Interesting fact The first vodka bottle for sale appeared during the time of Peter I and was a volume of 0.6 litres. Before that the bucket was considered the basis of vodka measure.

Syabry. Samabitnaya

Syabry. Samabitnaya - an authentic distinctive product created in the best Belarus traditions in the folk art style - vytinanka. Mint notes complement the classic vodka taste and give an unusual freshness and lightness to the aroma.


Interesting fact Previously, vodka «was drunk with buckets». This famous expression exists in Russian speech for more than one century. Where did it come from? At the time of Russia empire vodka was sold only in buckets in taverns. One such bucket contained 12 liters of a strong drink.


Gift sets

“Syabry. Luxe “ in the souvenir tube

The design of the tube is made in a strict minimalist design using sophisticated printing technologies that provide pleasant tactile effects and premium status of the product.


Interesting fact The most valuable quality of vodka is considered the lack of alcoholic taste. Ideally, high-quality vodka can be drunk like water, without wincing at the fusel oil taste.

«Syabry. Luxe» in the gift pack

Syabry. Victory Edition is a limited edition dedicated to brand winning at the International Spirits Challenge 2018 (United Kingdom). This victory proved that in Belarus there is one of the best vodkas in the world!


Interesting fact Compared to other alcoholic beverages, vodka is the purest spirit in the world, with the lowest content of fusel oil.

Syabry in a gift box

Syabry in a gift box is the most prize-winning vodka or the most authentic flavored spirit in vivid colorful packaging.


Interesting fact In the 19th century, vodka takeaway was only possible in 12-liter buckets.

Syabry. Chistaya, set with 3 glasses

This gift set is a generator of heart-to-heart talks for the best friends, whether they are hunters at their campsite, naval cadets, musketeers, or simply wonderful people.


Interesting fact The ideal glassware to consume vodka is a pre-cooled 50-gram small glass, whereas vodka should be served cooled to 8-10 degrees, but not frozen.

Set of Syabry vodkas

The gift set, in which the brand of Belarusian Polesye stands next to the most prize-winning vodka and the most authentic flavored vodka. The variety of the lineup in a single set.


Interesting fact The strongest vodka in the world (88.8% alcohol) is made in Scotland. This unusual alcohol content is attributed to the sales market — China, where the figure eight is considered to be a lucky number. The bottle of the exotic drink is available at more than 140 U.S. dollars.


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